The Tarrant County Commissioners Court must address property tax issues with our growing public infrastructure and service needs. As a County Commissioner, Syed will prioritize policies that improve the quality of life and quality of place for Tarrant County families. The improvement of infrastructure and services, combined with balancing costs with efficient administration, are priorities that will ensure Tarrant County can keep up with a rapidly changing economy.

We need to make certain the safety of our communities while also avoiding mass incarceration of nonviolent offenders. Syed favors timely mental health, mentorships and drug treatment programs over costly incarceration. It is estimated that one-third of the inmates in urban county jails need mental health services. We need to reserve our jails for violent offenders and invest more in job training and education, rather than mass incarceration.

As an economist and analyst, Syed brings the necessary experience that will put Tarrant County on the right path for growth and an economy that works for all residents. Syed will confront workplace discrimination in pay, promotion, and in the awarding and administration of contracts.

Residents of Precinct 2 deserve equal access to county services. Tax dollars should be used to subsidize services in our precinct, as well as the rest of the county, to ensure a fair allocation of resources for residents. As an urban planner, Syed has focused on meeting the needs of today while also planning for the future. Precinct 2 contains some of the county's fastest growing communities, and Syed will provide the necessary leadership to ensure our tax dollars are used responsibly.  Every resident in Tarrant County deserves the best delivery of services at the most efficient cost of our tax dollars.

Residents in Arlington, Mansfield, Kennedale and Grand Prairie must have the same level of access to county services as those who live in other parts of the county. Syed will push for greater economic opportunities for small business owners and consumers. Attracting employers and growth will also require a greater effort on improving transportation and enabling our residents to develop the skills and training which employers look for.


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